Friday, 29 July 2011

Pot-Fury and Ale-Passion

I have very little to say today, except that pot-fury is the excitement brought on by inebriation and ale-passion is an old word meaning hangover. That's passion in its original sense of suffering, as in the passion of Christ. Ale-passion is mentioned in the 1593 Bacchus Bountie in the following context:

Fourthly, came wallowing in a German, borne in Mentz, his name was Gotfrey Grouthead; with him he brought a wallet full of woodcocks heads; the braines thereof, tempered with other sauce, is a passing preseruatiue against the ale-passion, or paine in the pate.

I'm now off to find a bunch of woodcocks.
Do you eat the beak as well?


  1. You eat the woodcock USING the beak, silly.

  2. Using the beak... as a handle?

  3. Next time my work colleague is eating MacD burgers to assuage his ale-passion, I will suggest woodcock brains, and monitor the pace of consumption.

  4. The Antipodean, from the depths of the passion of the Chardonnay,30 July 2011 06:24

    Dogberry, praps a hangover label? Or at least a link to the hangover post.