Saturday 19 June 2010

Beats Andrex, I Suppose

OBSCENITY ALERT. Those readers of a gentle, innocent and tender disposition should stop reading right now. However, if you learned too much too young, if you are of a foul and fetid disposition, if your mind is little more than a latrine shat into morning, noon and night by loose-boweled reality, then by all means read on.

The other day, the OED announced a list of new words that it was including in the dictionary. The list wasn't enormous but it did manage to include both rimming and anilingus, which (I hesitate to inform you) are the same thing.

I want to know why.

They cite a usage of rimming from 1941, and anilingus goes straight back to 1901 and Richard Von Krafft Ebing's Psychopathia Sexualis, which, as readers of this blog will know, also gave us sadism, masochism and homosexual. So why now?

I just wish I'd been at the meeting when the question was asked "Are there any other words?" and the shy lexicographer in the corner coughed, pulled out his notebook and murmured "Well, there is something I've been looking into."
I think this post should go without an illustration, don't you?


  1. Yes, one feels a certain gratitude for no illustrations.

  2. A distant - or not - cousin to fisting, I presume. Is that in there too?

  3. No. But the list did contain an entirely non-gastronomic use of the term spit-roast.