Friday 18 February 2011


If you are autolatrous, you worship and idolise yourself. It's like being idolatrous, but without the need for accessories. It comes from the Greek auto (oneself) and latria (worship). The noun is, of course, autolatry.

I don't know how useful you'll find the word; but, for myself, I'm wondrously fond of mirrors.

Shakespeare once wrote:

Sin of self-love possesseth all mine eye
And all my soul and all my every part;
And for this sin there is no remedy,
It is so grounded inward in my heart.
Methinks no face so gracious is as mine,
No shape so true, no truth of such account;
And for myself mine own worth do define,
As I all other in all worths surmount.

Which is a sentiment that I can identify with perfectly.

The Inky Fool falls in love


  1. This is a really nice site.
    Great work!!

    I really like the new words I'm hearing and the best part is that it is concise.

  2. I find it much easier to be autolatrous if the bathroom mirror is completely steamed up first. Good post, Inky Fool. Fun.

  3. This is great and immensely useful for what I'm currently researching! Thanks for this! XX