Tuesday 14 June 2011


Regular sufferers of this blog will know that I have a weakness for vagant words. Vagant is Latin for wandering and my love of them is probably down to my errant and erratic nature. I have already posted on noctivagant (wandering around at night) montivagant (wandering around the mountains) extravagant (wandering beyond) and omnivagant (wandering around absolutely everywhere).

To this aimless list I can now add nubivagant which means wandering around in the clouds. Most aircraft are therefore nubivagant, many reveries are, and walking tours of the Lake District almost inevitably combine montivagancy with nubivagancy and mizzle.

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  1. There is, incidentally, a nerve in the human body called the vagus - precisely because it wanders around far more than the others if its type - it is a cranial nerve (most of them finish up in the head and neck, or possibly the thorax). The vagus not only makes it all the way to the stomach, it branches off prodigiously along the way.