Friday 21 September 2012

Horologicon Launch in Cape Town

It begins. The Horologicon will be launched into the icy waters of Cape Town this very evening at six o'clock. It won't reach the shores of Britain for another five weeks, but if you're in Cape Town do come along to the Fugard Theatre at six where I shall be discussing (or perhaps just excusing) the book with (or to) Beryl Eichenberger.

The Horologicon is a book of strange and beautiful words arranged by the time of day when they are most likely to come in useful. For example, over breakfast this very morning, I managed to casually use the words vitelline (pertaining to egg yolk) and aristologist (an enthusiast for breakfast).

Typical launching conditions near Cape Town


  1. You lucky, lucky man - my favourite city!

  2. I hope the launch went well. I was planning on attending but couldn't organise to get away from work early enough.
    Very annoying.

  3. Very best of luck, Mark. I'll be after a copy, just as soon as it's available.

  4. I only know for the bookshops I've visited, which were Book Lounge in Cape Town, Exclusive Books in Hyde Park Centre in Jo'burg, and Love Books in Jo'burg. If you ask at the counter, I'm sure they'll get it in for you.