Thursday 29 November 2012

Bath and Wanstead Library

Shakespeare went to Bath. He wrote a sonnet about it. You see, people used to go to Bath because the warm waters there were considered medicinal. Shakespeare also explains why they're warm.

Cupid laid by his brand, and fell asleep: 
A maid of Dian's this advantage found,
And his love-kindling fire did quickly steep
In a cold valley-fountain of that ground; 
Which borrow'd from this holy fire of Love 
A dateless lively heat, still to endure, 
And grew a seething Bath, which yet men prove 
Against strange maladies a sovereign cure. 
But at my mistress' eye Love's brand new-fired, 
The boy for trial needs would touch my breast; 
I, sick withal, the help of Bath desired, 
And thither hied, a sad distemper'd guest, 
   But found no cure: the bath for my help lies
   Where Cupid got new fire - my mistress' eyes.

But I'm going to Bath to do a talk and a reading at Mr B's Emporium of Reading Delights, tonight at seven. And then tomorrow I'm off to Wanstead library for a fantastic event organised by Newham Books.

Ain't no cure for love.

There's another old post I did about Bath poetry here. 

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