Friday 20 December 2013

Christmas Words

Christmas is coming, obesity is endemic in the goose population, The Elements of Eloquence is on a special deal on Amazon Kindle, and here's me talking about some Christmas words.


  1. This is genius. I've just begun reading The Elements of Eloquence. It tickles the brain just as well as it feeds it. Which might be a recipe for some sort of strange brain-vomit, but I reckon it'll be worth it.

  2. Agreed, I'm reading The Elements of Eloquence and it has genuine laugh out loud moments in it (eg. the footnote on page 76), ironic for an author who is probably the least likely ever to use the term LOL. Good bless you, Mr Forsyth, it's good to know that such erudition and pedantry exists in this day and age. Keep up the brilliant work