Monday 27 April 2020

English Verse, Lesson 10: The Donkey

This is a very long, slow lesson that's just meant to clear up any lingering confusions.

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  1. 1) You don't need to apologise for your presentation; there's no problem with it.

    2) Thanks for this lesson. Things like this help it all to come together. This is a fine addition to this excellent series of posts.

    3) Sometimes, when you're explaining how to determine which syllable is stressed you not only change the stress when you pronounce the word in an alternate way, you change the sound of one of the syllables. For example, when you did monstrous the first time, the second syllable was pronounced something like "strers" whereas the second time you made it sound more like "Strauss" which, to me, slightly weakens the explanation.

    Keep up the good work. This is a highly entertaining and educational series.