Wednesday 9 December 2009

Very Real

One of the greatest forces for good, liberty and freedom - not to mention the defence of the free world - is in very real danger of being banished to the history books for ever.
   - The Daily Mail (possibly discussing itself).

I disagree with the idea that the danger is very real. I imagine the danger to be slightly real. Or maybe it's very surreal. One of the two. Surreal and unreal dangers are scandalously underreported in British Newspapers. I tested this out by telephoning the Guardian newsdesk to report that I was being chased by an elephant whose reflection looked like a swan. The shrift that I was given can best be described as short.

Just another day at the Inky Fool offices


  1. I'm not sure I agree. I think the newspapers tend to report unreal dangers quite often. Think of bird flu, Y2K, end of world being brought on by Hadron collider, anything found in the horoscopes.

  2. Madam Sosostris, my ornithomancer, assures me that the implosion of the large hadron collider has been foretold by a coughing pelican.

  3. Who laments these androgynous days when intelligent women are disappearing from our TV screens save for the voluptuous Furong Jiejie?