Wednesday 27 January 2010


Reading CityAM on the train this morning, I was intrigued to learn about the Salt Cave, a London clinic where visitors can treat their colds or asthma by breathing in sodium chloride.

According to the owner of the clinic, salt has "anti-sceptic" properties - I can only think she meant antiseptic, unless she really was referring to the ability to overcome sceptical clients' doubts about the efficacy of the treatment.

The article also had a long sidebar on complimentary therapies.


  1. Salt, Mrs M, is anti-sceptic. It is easier to swallow both food and lies if take it with a pinch of salt, hence the phrase. So salt reduces scepticism.

  2. Unless she just an anti american cockney?
    Septic - Slang term for "American" in the Cockney dialect
    The mind boggles...