Wednesday 26 May 2010


Cameron hails 'radical' programme
   - BBC News

Education Secretary Michael Gove hails a new era in schools
   - BBC News

Police chief hails crime decline
   - BBC News

I should like to become a politician if only to expand my hailing skills. The BBC seems immoderately fond of the word and chucks it in everywhere, but I can't really work out what they mean by it: Greet? Applaud? Worship? I rather like to think of a politician waving frantically at a passing policy and then cursing as it disappears round a corner. I fear that the only thing I have ever hailed is a cab, and the occasional Mary.

The Conservative Manifesto


  1. Very witty. What fun you must have writing these little gems!

  2. In your illustration, Dogberry, is that a hail or a salute?

    Or is he frantically gesticulating for someone (Gideon-George, Mick, Vince?) to stop?

    I think we should be told.