Thursday 6 May 2010

Indiscriminate Lewdness

There is a grandeur to the Oxford English Dictionary, especially when defining naughty words. Exempli gratia, the second edition, published in 1989, has this:

Prostitution: The offering of the body to indiscriminate lewdness for hire (esp. as a practice or institution); whoredom, harlotry.

The Inky Fool is dedicated to combating discrimination in all its forms, and is therefore wildly in favour of indiscriminate lewdness, especially as neither word seems particularly necessary to the definition.


  1. Did somebody say lewd...

    What Humans Do
    (with or without
    the prostitute):

    The candle-lit
    after dinner
    careful screw,

    the under-the-moon
    shooby doo
    be doo groove,

    the from behind,
    the sixty-nine,
    the is there time,

    the I need wine,
    the twisted talking
    dirty grind,

    the Erica Jong
    zipless screw,
    the I got somethin'

    to prove ruse,
    the big bang,
    the power game,

    the long play,
    the itchy-ish, sudden-ish
    roll in the hay,

    the take me away,
    the once a week
    married way,

    the hail mary
    I-can't- believe-

    my-luck hump,
    the side to side
    slow pump,

    the grudge fuck,
    the quick poke,
    the hard core,

    the tenderest lap
    of waves on the shore,
    and the gushing rushing
    endless coming

    of I've never felt
    this way before.

  2. "Indiscriminate" actually detracts from the meaning: recall that Julia Roberts wouldn't kiss her johns in the venerable hooker film Pretty Woman.

    Your etymological articles are hilarious, by the way, and I've just added a link from my similarly academic yet often unserious arts and culture blog,

  3. They're not meant to be hilarious. I consider this a sombre and solemn forum for melancholic discussion of the FACTS. Pretty Woman was a harsh but unfaltering depiction of the realities of modern prostitution, and I have returned the compliment.