Friday 29 October 2010

Boring Drilling

I have, of late, been mucking around with power tools. Boring is rather boring, and one must learn the drill for drilling.

So far as anybody can tell*, these senses are related. A bore proceeds slowly through the rock: a bore proceeds slowly through his subject. However, it should be noted that there is a French word bourre, which means padding, that may bear responsibility.

Drills, when they're boring, go round and round and round and round; and soldiers when they march around the parade ground do the same. Thus drill to drill. Drill then came to mean anything routine, such as a fire-drill, which is, coincidentally, very boring.

I am now going to listen to The Turn Of The Screw**.

The Inky Fool got carried away

*And nobody is utterly sure.

** There was a young lady from Whitton
Who was kinky for Benjamin Britten;
And the things she would do
To The Turn Of The Screw
Are so lewd they can't even be written.


  1. Unless you accidentally rivet yourself, of course, in which case you are riveted.

  2. You are NEVER a bore
    That's for sure.

  3. ...but now you may be screwed.