Saturday 19 March 2011

Nevermet Press

A publisher that actually wants writers to send them stuff is an extraordinary rarity. However, an outfit called Nevermet Press are currently actively and openly asking for short stories in the sci-fi, horror and steampunk genres, and they asked me to tell you all about it. There is much more information on their site here.

I have never met a steampunk, but I do know that punk was a sixteenth century word meaning prostitute, its meaning then drifted to catamite in the phrase punk kid, and from there became a general term of abuse for anybody worthless or criminal, before being appropriated by noisy youths.

I rather like this

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  1. I know some steampunks: they seem quite normal at first, but some clues are a corvidaerean interest in anything coppery, an ability to spot anything cog- or gear-like from a distance and an unhealthy interest in velvet and lace.