Tuesday 2 August 2011


Ante-jentacular means before breakfast. It's therefore an immensely useful word for describing coffees, showers and the occasional bloody mary.


  1. A leisurely walk in a beautiful place has a soothing effect on the soul
    And I so I set out to wander about on an ante-jentacular stroll
    No spectacular sights or remarkable scenes presented themselves to my eyes
    But the cool morning breeze through the sun-dappled trees made all of the leaves fall and rise
    I’ve watched ocean waves as they crashed on the rocks and seen passing sails in the sun
    And looked up as the clouds like spirits in shrouds were chased by the wind on the run
    I’ve seen mighty mountains face thundering storms and I have been thrilled by the sight
    But today I’m inclined to the pleasure I find in the leaf-dance and flickering light.

    1. That's absolutely beautiful. And involves gongoozling. Perfect.