Thursday 15 September 2011

Elephantship and other Ships

Sometimes, the dictionary disappoints. You see the word elephantship and your mind races, your imagination buds and blooms, as you imagine a boat manned entirely by pachyderms. However, the OED defines elephantship as the personality of an elephant. It's the same ship that you find in lordship, hardship, friendship, and governorship, which is not a ship manned by the gubernatorial.

It's also the same ship that you find in worship, which is really worth-ship. There used to be a lot more of these words but they have slowly dwindled and vanished. I shall revive them, though, and set sail on a drunkship to gladship.

Hell yeah.


  1. That pachyderm on your picture looks trapped and not very happy on those water skis... reminds me of something that Robert Heinlein said about elephants: "A mouse built to government specifications."

  2. imagine a boat manned entirely by pachyderms

    I can, I can! Should I be worried? LOL