Wednesday 19 October 2011


Esquisse is a sublimely pretty word. Try saying it aloud. It sounds like a gentle kiss. In fact, it is a first sketch, an idea dashed off in a few seconds as a preliminary and plan for a larger and greater work. As such, it sounds like a thoroughly useful word. One could employ it in business presentations: "Of course what you see here is merely an esquisse, but once we've got the marketing guys and people from compliance in, I think you'll find it'll be quite something. Just needs some adumbrations."

It would raise the tone.


  1. These days artists seem to be using the word thumbnail, or thumbnail sketch to mean the same concept.

    Your word for it sounds much prettier.

  2. Our squabbling members of Congress could likewise employ this lovely word to describe their endless drafts and amendments that never seem to reach completion. "I offer herewith this esquisse for consideration..." Would this not have to elevate the current tone in these halls of government?