Monday 23 January 2012


Dr Johnson's dictionary contains the splendid word grum which means... well I hardly need to tell you what it means: a bit grim and bit glum. The word died out in the mid nineteenth century, but, if you felt like reviving it, everybody would understand exactly what you meant.

(And, for vital information on the practice of glumming, see this old post).


  1. Great post Inky Old Sport!
    Next bad day I have will definetly be described as grum.

    Love the Albert King. I had only heard the Cream version previously. Note to self: listen to Albert King!

  2. I have felt this way for years but never had a word to describe it.Thanks for this essential public service.

  3. My mother insisted on being dubbed "Grum" and "Grummy" when she became a grandmother. I'm dithering about sending her this link.

  4. Is Grumble a grandson of Grum?