Tuesday 31 January 2012


Piblokto is a word that English has taken from the Polar Eskimo language of northern Greenland. It is defined in the OED thuslyly:

Piblokto A condition affecting the Inuit peoples in winter, characterized by an episode of wild excitement and irrational behaviour followed by a period of stupor or unconsciousness, sometimes with apparent seizures.

That's a very useful word for me, as it describes most of my weekends, without giving too much away. As in: "Saturday night? I'm afraid I was utterly piblokto. But anyway, how was your weekend?"

The Inky Fool waited patiently for the art school dance to end.

P.S. One reason for my piblokto was that The Etymologicon has managed a second week at number one in the Sunday Times bestseller list for hardback non-fiction. This makes me a trifle guilty as I'm keeping Dare To Dream, the exclusive story of the winners of X-Factor (with pictures) from their rightful spot at the top.


  1. Well done sir! I have purchased your fine book in epub format. It is a fine read and re-read. Well worth the money. I think that your blog is excellent.

  2. bravo! happily purchased one as a gift and needed one myself ~ deep joy. thank you

  3. Makes me wonder whether 'blotto' has tumbled down from 'piblokto'?

  4. My hardback copy is sitting in front of me. I know of at least two others who have copies. Enjoy the top spot, it's thoroughly deserved.

  5. How does X-factor get in the non-fiction category?