Monday 11 June 2012

Pixilated and Pixelated

I don't usually go in for pointing out typos, as I make quite enough of them myself. But this report from a newspaper last week amused me immensely.

A pixilated portrait of the Queen made out of 3,120 cakes, one for each week of her reign, will be made by bakers Konditor and Cook as part of the Jubilee weekend celebrations.

You see, the word they were looking for was pixelated, with an E. Pixilated does exist and is recorded in the OED, but it means led astray by pixies.

File:I samma ögonblick var hon förvandlad till en underskön liten älva.jpg
The Inky Fool asks directions.


  1. See the courtroom scene in 'Mr Deeds goes to Town' 1936 film with Gary Cooper; most search results will show pixilated spelt wrongly too.

    1. 1934, little rascals spend the night with Darla's family it's chaotic of course, but when Spanky and alfalfa leave the house, Spanky tells alfalfa that Mr Hood, is plane pixelated. So it's that old I know. I watch that show everyday. I hope it's '34, could be'35,but when I heard it ,I was taken back. Also many 'new' slang words of today, was used back then. Spanky tell the gang to quit clownin. ,Many more I've heard that just shocks me.

  2. Lol! Nice spot Mark

  3. New Kid on the Block11 June 2012 at 16:23

    Yeah! The Infamous Inky Fool is back!
    Pardon my excitement, but being a football fan too, I dare say..

  4. I'd rather be pixilated:-)
    thanks for the smile

  5. I, by contrast, do point out typos. It's part of the motivation for my own blog, demonstrating how small textual errors can lead to ridicule at best and catastrophic financial cost at worst.

    How about the 2 NASA Mars probes which were lost because of sloppiness, at a total cost of over $800m? In one case half the team were working in metric measure and the other half in Imperial.

    In the other, NASA admitted elliptically that "The software—intended to ignore touchdown indications prior to the enabling of the touchdown sensing logic—was not properly implemented, and the spurious touchdown indication was retained."

  6. This sounds like God shaves the king!

  7. Oh dear I am in a quandary, as my television picture is pixelating! However, I truly feel that it is Pixilated! There are surely Pixies involved!