Monday 18 June 2012

The Rains

A friend of mine was telling me the other day how happy he had been before "the rains came". There's something beautifully biblical about "the rains". It suggests a divine curse that cannot be lifted until some terrible expiation is made, probably involving a hecatomb of umbrellas.

Anyway, I shall therefore link you straight to this article that appeared on the BBC website today on strange words for the water that falls out of the sky, and never stops. I would merely like to add the term ark-building weather.


  1. Very good. Anyone know how to pronounce 'pishpotikle'?

  2. I have been facinated by the use of 'the fox' in Australia, at least. eg, 'you better get that hole fixed, becuase when the fox comes he will take your chickens'. Compared to any other animal (feral or farm anyway). eg rabbits have been eatimg my seedlings, a sheep got through the fence, an eagle seems to have gone off with the brown chicken.'