Friday 11 January 2013


I was reading this fascinating interview with Damian O'Brien about his new book If Houses, Why Not Mouses? In it, he mentions that ancient Sanskrit had the word ayoni which means (and I've checked this up) anywhere other than the vagina.

The usefulness of this word should be self-evident. But I'm particularly proud that I've managed to work it into conversation twice this week. You see, if you say it dismissively and with a wave of the hand, it kind of does mean anywhere other than the vagina.

Where shall I put my umbrella?


But I've no idea whether I'm pronouncing it correctly.


  1. Correct pronunciation:

    pronounce "a" as the "a" in alight,
    pronounce "yo" as the "yo" in yore, and
    pronounce "ni" as the "ni" in nickel.

    1. Thank you. I was nearly there, but I had an oh in the middle.

  2. Oh that was too funny, shame it's not in the Online Webster since it let's you hear how to pronounce words. I'm all about "wordage" and use a different word every day on my blog! would LOVE for you to check my blog out...I can tell you this, I will be posting about your blog on mine! ♥ waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  3. A warning to the lexicurious…

    There are even weirder words to be found scattered throughout the Yoniverse. A small sample for your delectation:

    yonipushpa – tantric intimacy with a menstruating partner

    extravaginist – a straight male with no interest in vaginal coitus

    cunnophile – quite the opposite of the above

    endosomatophilia – fantasising about being devoured by a vagina

    colpocleisis – cultural or ceremonial infibulation of the vagina

    Some of these words can be found in my recently published book "Inkhorn's Erotonomicon - An Advanced Sexual Vocabulary For Verbivores & Vulgarians" [Matador, 2012].

    For anyone interested, it’s available on Amazon in paperback or e-book, or direct from the publisher -

    An iBook version will be out soon.

    Please support a self-published author and purchase a copy today!

  4. Woops :D —