Wednesday 9 October 2013

10 Words in the Guardian

And just a link today to this article by me in The Guardian on 10 lost words.


  1. I note that 'Wamble Crop'd' also pops up in Mr Franklin's list of terms for drunkenness.

    Also, do you think there's a way of defining a Snollygoster without resorting to the phrase 'talknophical assumnacy'?

  2. This morning I felt a bit wamblecropt, probably as a result of taking off my considering cap and sprunting yesterday evening; but after an episode of uhtceare, I arose and had breakfast while my dog groked. My morning routine was interrupted when I dropped a nurdle on the bathroom floor, and later when I broke an aglet while dressing - but I'm finally ready to go out and face the day. Unfortunately there's no possibility of gongoozling this morning because the weather is too inclement, so maybe I'll go to the office and snudge instead.

    Ultracrepidarianistically yours,

  3. Overcome by a case of uhtceare this very morning, I wondered if there were a related word for when you wake in the early hours, hear the house settling, but it sounds exactly like someone's leg bone popping as they step, and then lie there listening for the sounds of footfalls coming from someone that shouldn't be there...