Thursday 14 November 2013

Hungover in Hampstead

Well, that's been an odd week. I actually got up to number 4 on the Amazon bestseller list. This has involved ale passion (the old word for hangover). So, just a reminder to any Londoners that I'm doing a talk at West End Books in West Hampstead tonight at 7:30.

I think you need to contact them first. Just to give them an idea of numbers.


  1. I presume that's "passion" as in "of Christ", rather than ale passion being "the sentiment that got you hungover in the first place".

  2. You are a very eloquent writer (no pun intended), and your writings make one practically beg to read 'em. Thank you!

  3. Just browsing through The Archers' website and found that the young lad who plays Daniel Hebden Lloyd cites his favourite book as 'The Etmylogicon' [sic]. He's given it a good review, too!