Monday 11 November 2013

Today's Today

I was on the Today Programme this morning talking about The Elements of Eloquence with Evan Davis and the lovely Camilla Long. You can listen to it by clicking upon this link.

Incidentally, the post title is an example of both polyptoton and epizeuxis, which are thoroughly explained in the book.


  1. Heard you on Today as I was surfacing this morning. Loved it, so thank you. A great stat to my day.. *subscribes*

  2. I also heard you this morning while driving to work and placed an order the minute I got home. Your other books look wonderful as well. I think I may have solved my Christmas present list ...

  3. I've listened to the clip and it's fascinating. Can I ask, though: what is the name you give to the 'more than antithesis'? I've listened several times but can't quite catch it.