Monday 24 January 2011


If you are ludibrious you are laughable, you are ridiculous, you are mockable. You are a target for ludibry, which is an obsolete word for derision.

And if you, mocking reader, cannot work ludibrious into a sentence over the next week you are not having Nearly Enough Fun.

This lukewarm and ludibrious generation
J. Howie (1780)

N.B. The OED seems to think that the word can mean mocking as well as mockable, but their citations are not very convincing, in fact I think they're ludibrious.


  1. Here is a sentence with the word ludibrious used. Thought it was rather appropriate considering the current reporting. The funniest thing has been watching the BBC reporting the incident on loop for the past 12 hours and laughing at Sky's expense.