Wednesday 5 January 2011


I've just discovered the word paraphilia, and I can't think how it has passed me by for so long. It's a lovely catch-all term for any sort of perversion or peccadillo. But there's something so soft and scientific about paraphilia that you would never guess its meaning, and that could be useful.

'Care for some paraphilia?'

If anything, you might guess that paraphilia was related to paraphernalia; and it often is.

Wikipedia has a helpful and frightening list of paraphilias here. I have a much more beautiful list of paraphilias here.

The Inky Fool was still searching for his scuba diving gear

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  1. I shall add these lists to the lists of things I was never taught at school - thank you, Dogberry, for my continuing education...though I shall draw a discreet veil of which parts I found particularly interesting!