Sunday 30 January 2011

The Book of Faces

Right, the Inky Fool is now on Facebook, and socially networking and all that sort of electronically-amicable jazz. If I've got this right (and the good Lord knows that I may not) you can now like the Inky Fool, and then all the latest arcana and erudition will show up in your news feed, which must be lovely.

Just go to the book of faces and search for Inky Fool, or follow this link (which may work).

In the meantime, I shall tell you that the side of a book directly opposite the spine is called, by bookbinders, the face; and that face comes from the same Latin source as superficial.


  1. Well now, it seems that people will no have the ability to like, friend and poke you. You may be unliked as well of course, and there is always the danger of a superpoke or the rejection of being unfriended.

    PS - I have a T-shirt that begs: How do I block you in real life? There is a lot to be said for social interaction, and whole new dictionaries may follow.

  2. Correction:
    Well now, it seems that people will now...

    There is a lot to be said for virtual social interaction....