Tuesday 5 April 2011

Square Poems

Only Lewis Carroll would think of writing this:

I've been trying to come up with my own version and it's a lot harder than one might think. It's impossible to prove linguistically, but I imagine that the complication increases exponentially with the number of words in the square. There will be an imaginary prize for anyone who can post one in the comments.

I am
Am I?

She has eyes
Has she sense
Eyes sense me

I suppose I have a blog
Suppose I should
I should

Damn. And he made it rhyme.

Clever clogs


  1. well, this is a terrible poem, but I think it barely works.

    I love to experience the storms,
    love to feel the rain and
    to feel the thrill that's thunder;
    experience the thrill of wet sand.
    the rain that's wet. Wind and
    storms and thunder; sand and lightning.

  2. Lone Wolf, I'm with you, but thought I'd share the something I came up with.

    As ever your hair winks,
    ever I eye that turn.
    Your eye pierces through me,
    hair that through ages dazzled,
    winks turn me dazzled, woozy.

  3. By God, this is all putting me to shame. I must try harder. Brilliant.

  4. Now this, this I'm pretty proud of.

    Under heaven I can sojourn,
    Heaven barely can I see,
    I can languish or remember,
    can I? Or, unwilling, flee?
    Sojourn, See, Remember, Flee... Surrender.

  5. James Vanden Bosch7 April 2011 at 15:54

    What are you doing there now?
    Are days spent thus largely gone?
    You spent your time gifts wisely.
    Doing thus, time cannot bear enough.
    There, largely, gifts bear forever onward,
    Now gone, wisely enough, onward forever.

  6. These are simply splendid (or complicatedly splendid, I suppose).

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  8. The missing muse!

    Mighty pen portrays in pain,
    pen quilling the feelings and
    portrays silhouette of tattered muses,
    in hidden tears, it writes;
    pain had devoured the mightiness.