Wednesday 18 July 2012


Right, that's it. I'm going on holiday. I'm off to the marsh-cells, the swamp, the clearing, the white fort, the monks, the middle of the plain. I'm not even sure when I'll be back - probably in early August - but posting will be negligible to none till then. I shall be feriate (or on holiday).

I don't know if this blog has any readers in Berlin; but if it does, I shall probably be doing something at the Shakespeare and Sons bookshop on Saturday. I have also finished the new book - The Horologicon - which will hit and kick the bookshelves on November 1st.


  1. Your berlin readers will instantly know the feriate must have the same root as the German word Ferien.

  2. Have a good holiday, and congratulations on finishing your new book.

  3. Seafaring readers might understand that the Inky Fool "has got the channels" - the elation of the sailor at the end of a long spell of work at sea.