Friday 4 November 2011


I'm afraid I've fallen horribly ill and am incapable of doing anything other than shivering and moaning. However, over on the Kindle blog, I've written a piece on the etymology of the word kindle. Those with withdrawal symptoms can just follow this link.

The Inky Fool this morning.


  1. How many times have we told you to lay off the arsenic?

  2. Loved your book - I added a comment about pink (pinking) on the blog. You mention Elvis being a derivation of Alvis. A small note - Irish bishop St Elvis baptised St David - near St David's in Pembrokeshire is St Elvis on the edge of the Preselli hills where the surname Presley is said to have originated. His mother was called Gladys so perhaps a Welsh connection on both sides?

  3. I'm afraid that the Oxford Dictionary of English Surnames is a bit of a spoilsport and just redirects form Presley to Priestley and thence to priests' gardens. However, there could be another Presley from Preselli that slowly got absorbed into the more common name in the same way that the Jewish surname Moses is now usually rendered Moss.
    Glad you like the book.

  4. I too received and love your book. It will become THE gift this Christmas for all my family's lovers of words. As I began reading late last night, I laughed and laughed and found myself smiling as I drifted off into sleep at last.