Friday 18 November 2011


File:Gelett Burgess.jpgSome words catch on, and some words need a helping hand. Gelett Burgess, who was a writer and humourist and artist etc etc, invented the word blurb, which we all know and dislike, but he also came up with tintiddle.

Tintiddle is an English equivalent for esprit d'escalier, or wit that comes too late. It is the perfect comeback that you think of five minutes after the event when, in the French, you are already shuffling forlornly down the stairs. It's also an utterly beautiful word and I intend to revive it, although I fear that, lethologically, I will always remember it too late.

And you, sir, are an ass.

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  1. Now I have a name for that situation. This is now my new favourite word.