Monday 7 November 2011


The Inky Fool's crack team of highly-trained IT specialists is a terribly nice chap who's quite prepared to work for biberages. Last week (while I was growing pale and spectre thin and dying) he was very kindly making some changes to the main page of So I felt rather bad, having checked it, to have to phone him up and tell him there was a typo. He had described this blog as "The rabblings of the Inky Fool", when of course it should be "ramblings".

'No,' he replied firmly when I told him. 'Rabblings is a word. I checked.'

I was suspicious, but I feel that all humans, even those who specialise in IT, should be given the benefit of the doubt. So I turned to the OED and found that there is indeed a verb to rabble. Here are the definitions.

1 a. To speak or read aloud in a rapid and incoherent way; to gabble; to ramble.

b. To utter (words or speech) in a rapid confused manner; to rattle out incoherently.

2 a. To put (something) together hastily, knock up.

b. To work in a hurried and careless manner.

Which is the most concise summation of my little web-log that I've ever seen.

We may be upgrading soon.


  1. Lettered IT consultant for hire! Thanks for the kudos Mark.

  2. I thought at first that it might have something to do with Rabelais (which would also be apt)

  3. Well, well, a geek who knows how to speak.